Watching The Web

NEARLY a third of Hong Kong's households watch television via the internet, according to a new report from Telecommunications Management group, a consultancy. Because internet protocol television (IPTV) uses the same technology as that which links computer networks, smaller countries with high broadband penetration tend to have more subscribers. As well as plain old programmes, viewers can also enjoy other services such as on-demand video. So far, Europe accounts for over half of the world's subscribers. (From the economist)

This reminds me of a service (make sure you take the poll. . . top right hand corner of the blog). We don't have a TV at home, but that doesn't mean we don't watch TV programming. There are several reasons why we don't own a TV; mainly, it's easier to control content without one (especially with kids). One of the means, to watch video, I have been using quite a lot lately is Hulu. Hulu is free, legal and streaming. They have many current and archived episodes of TV shows and movies in full. They also have far fewer commercials; you have the same number of breaks, but they only last 15 seconds each.

I'm curious, how many of you like to watch movies/TV via internet? If you can't see the chart clearly - no western country even makes the list.