I Know I Can Make It

A man who died after jumping from an Auckland property tycoon's apartment was an experienced outdoorsman, talented snowboarder and a "cool, cool, guy", friends say.

Adam Douglas Marshall died when he tried to jump into the Waitemata Harbour from an eighth-floor Princes Wharf apartment.

The property is owned by multimillionaire businessman David Henderson.

Mr Marshall, 28, had been confident of making the jump, a distance of at least five metres out.

"Adam liked to party," friend Brent Harridge told the Herald.

"I thought he was probably boozed and doing something silly, but apparently his flatmate reckoned they'd split half-a-dozen beers."

Mr Marshall "just had it in his head" that he could make the jump, despite attempts to dissuade him.

"When Adam gets something in his head, there's no stopping him.

"A lot of the time that works in his favour and he does things or achieves things that other people wouldn't, but in this case it didn't pay off."(Full Story at nzherald)

I think I would have felt bad as a friend for not trying to physically stop him, but I guess that might not have worked either. It's sad really.