LED Grow Lights

A 33 watt grow light made from 19 blue and red LEDs. Each LED is glued onto a broiler pan which acts as a heat sync. This light should be excellent for growing many forms of plants and algae. It cost me about $113 in parts and shipping to make this unit. I estimate this light to be equivalent to a 300W HID/HPS grow light.

Special thanks to Green Pine Lane for sharing the original concept of a "cookie sheet" LED grow light. (Full Story at screwdecaf)

I've always heard that cops look for energy bill spikes in order to find big growing operations. Well, it looks like you might be able to circumvent that little problem with these lights. Not that I'm endorsing legal activity. I would, however, be interesting in growing fresh herbs at the house. Now I just need to find the space. . .