Falling For 25 Miles

Michel Fournier is about to make the greatest leap of his, and anyone else’s, life. On Sunday, the 64-year-old retired French army officer will fly almost 25 miles into the sky in a giant balloon, step out of a pressurized capsule and plunge headfirst towards the earth, soaring through the atmosphere for an estimated 15 minutes.

A lot can go wrong when you’re trying to reach 130,000 feet up in the air. At above 40,000 feet, there’s no longer enough oxygen to breathe. At 12 miles up, the air pressure can cause blood to boil. Fournier will be taking the trip in a special space suit, but if it malfunctions, he’ll be dead within seconds. (Full Story at miijoo)

I don't understand if this is to prove something or just beat records or what. Best of luck to him at any rate.