Smiley Face Killings

At least 40 young men who drowned may have died by far more sinister means — serial killings at the hands of a national gang that revels in murdering young men and leaving smiley-face markings at the scene, a team of retired New York City police detectives and criminal justice investigators said Monday.

They believe the victims, including University of Minnesota student Chris Jenkins and Fordham University student Patrick McNeill, didn't accidentally drown but were actually killed by members of the so-called "Smiley Face Gang," according to KSTP-TV, which first reported the story.

A smiley-face symbol was found painted at some of the drowning locations — in Ohio, Pennsylvania,Indiana, Wisconsin and Iowa, the station said.

"They're telling you here that they're into evil, they're very happy as most serial killers are," retired NYPD Det. Kevin Gannon said at a press conference Monday. "They're content with their work and what they're doing and the fact that they're thwarting the police." (From fox)

I wonder why we haven't heard more about it until now. I suppose it's just because I don't live in that part of the country. Either way, that's some messed up stuff.