The Site You Should Know About

This is my new weekly segment. I will be sharing sites with you that I find useful, interesting, fun etc.

The first site I would like to highlight is the Great Vegetable Challenge. Useful for any parent of young children who hate vegis. The site is being done by a mum in England. Her son, Freddie, simply wouldn't touch vegetables. So she set out to do something about it. Through the great power of the "internets" she has been collecting recipes from her readership, going A-Z through all the vegetables. Freddie gets to score each recipe, and they keep up with all the vegetables on her refrigerator. There are the lands of "hate," "not sure about," and "like." There has been a general migration towards the "like."

So if you have a picky punk - get to reading. She is up to the letter "T" so you have a lot of catching up to do.

Below is a video from her most recent post on "why the turnip is your friend." The video isn't exactly representative of her usual posts, but I liked it. Most of her posts contain recipes that she tried, some pictures of said recipes and kids, and Freddie's reaction to them.