Personal EMF/RF Detector

There has been an ongoing debate on whether or not electromagnetic fields (EMF) and radio signals cause cancer. You probably remember the scare we had several years ago with cell phones and brain cancer. Anyway, if you are still concerned about your EMF/RF levels you can now use this personal detector:

At $29.99 I'm sure it's extremely reliable. From the website:

If you're concerned about invisible radiation from your home electronics, use the CellSensor to detect and avoid EMF sources. While the jury is still out on the possible health effects of electromagnetic fields, you can map out high-EMF sources in your home and take steps to avoid them right now. This detector measures both radio frequency (RF) radiation (like from cell phones) and extremely low-frequency electromagnetic fields (ELF EMFs). Includes remote ELF EMF probe. Requires 9V battery, not included. (From extremegeek)