Canon Point and Shoots

If you have a Canon point and shoot type camera, you probably aren't getting everything out of it that you can. I'm not talking about your photography skill level. The short of it is that your hardware can do much more than your software will let it. Some of you may think, "so what, it works just fine as is." Well, I guess you don't have to upgrade your equipment - easily and free.

Lifehacker has a nice post on how CDHK has produced some nice enhancements for you. Some of the new features for you to expect: customized screen, longer exposure times, faster shutter speed, and support for scripts that (supposedly) allow for things such as taking pictures of lightning strikes.

I can't say I have preformed any of this (I am a Nikon man), but if any of you do, make sure to post how it went in the comments. Also, make sure to read Lifehackers post in full for any other cautionary statements.