Google Finally Moving On More Offline Apps

Google Inc said on Monday it is taking the next step to make its Web-based software useful in the real world of spotty Internet access by allowing users to edit word processing documents offline. (Full Story)

I am probably too hard on Microsoft sometimes, but I get really frustrated with some of their products. I also get tired of their corporate mindset. Seeing Google producing free services that can eliminate my need for Microsoft software is welcomed by me. Even if you do like Microsoft you should be happy about this. Competition makes everyone's product better. For instance, Windows Vista uses an indexed search feature. Google was offering a desktop application to do this for you long ago. Windows has to incorporate these types of innovations to keep up, which works out great for you and me. (For those who don't know what I am talking about: The old Windows search did just that every time you wanted to find something. It actively searched through every file and folder on your hard drive. With indexing it constantly keeps an index of everything you have. As your typing your search it is bring up everything that matches instantly. No more sniffing dog wagging his tale for hours).

[Photo via Hug Pug]