Finders Keepers

A local man is actively trying to take possession of hurricane-ravaged houses – and deputies are actively trying to stop him, police said.According to the St. Bernard Sheriff’s Office, Jesse Bryant, 47, was booked with burglary and criminal trespassing after posting signs in yards of damaged houses reading "I, Jesse Bryant, take possession of this abandoned property."Police said he went so far as to change the locks in one house at a subdivision – effectively keeping the real owner out of his own house.Deputies said Bryant, who had been living with a daughter, claimed it’s legal to take possession of abandoned property. Deputies emphasized that Bryant is wrong and more charges might be pending regarding other properties.

Does this guy think New Orleans is the wild west or something? The great land grab of '08? You have to admit though, this would make a great COPS episode. We can only hope.

[Story via wdsu]