Forget Big Wheels

Police say a 7-year-old Florida boy faces grand theft auto charges after taking his grandmother's sport utility vehicle for a joyride. The eight minute trek left a swath of damage in his Palm Beach Gardens neighborhood Friday. The boy smashed mailboxes, hit parked cars and signposts. He was unhurt.

Police say he literally drove until a wheel fell off. The right front wheel, to be exact, which broke off after the boy hit a sign.

Police spokeswoman Ellen Lovejoy says the boy is unlikely to be prosecuted. They arrested him so he can get some help, noting the excursion was "unusual behavior for a 7-year-old." (Story via sfgate)

watch a video of the news story here.

Let's just hope his judgment skills improve, or his future could look a lot like that picture. To be honest, I'm not so sure this isn't normal behavior for a seven year old.