Slippery When Wet

From nydailynews:

It's the mother of all slip-and-fall cases.

A politically connected Brooklyn judge plans to file a $1 million lawsuit against the city after slipping on a just-mopped floor in his own courthouse, the Daily News has learned.

Supreme Court Justice Jack Battaglia - who hears civil cases and earns $136,000 a year - is even targeting the courthouse cleaning lady who wielded the mop, according to legal papers.

The judge fractured his knee in the Nov. 9, 2007, tumble outside room 452 and was forced to undergo surgery and physical therapy.

In his Jan. 31 notice of claim, Battaglia accuses the city of "negligently using a mop bucket and wringer" and "negligently using a mop and soapy water" to create a "dangerous and hazardous traplike condition." (Full Story)

My initial thought was that this guy was a complete jerk and that the lawsuit was ridiculous. But as with many news stories, there is important information we aren't given. Did he have prior issues with the janitor? Were there set procedures not being followed? Does this some how fall outside the coverage of workmen's comp? Did he try to settle the issue before filing suit?

What do you think?