Never Sample Your Own Product

MERRIMACK, N.H. (AP) - A family called police to their home to report a fight and ended up being arrested on drug charges. Police said they went to the Roehl family home on Monday after getting a call about a fight, possibly involving baseball bats.

They said that when 17-year-old Karl Roehl was showing them a large clock that had been damaged, they noticed two potted marijuana plants.

Officers said Roehl was arrested when he tried to hide the plants and that his mother, Lee Ann Roehl was arrested after ripping a plant from its pot and throwing it into the yard.

Police returned with a search warrant and said they found more pot and a growing room, so they added more charges to the mother and son and arrested the father, also on drug charges. (Story via WTOP)

If these yahoos were able to successfully grow (for a time), how many other folks out there with half a brain are growing and not getting caught? I would guess a lot.