Living Green at 125 mph

The first of the long-awaited and much-lauded Tesla Roadsters is rolling off the assembly line as I write this. After a lot of delays, a huge internal shake-up and a couple price increases, the company will finally start delivering Roadsters to customers.

The CEO is quick to point out that this is "the only zero emission electric vehicle in production today," which is pretty much a big lie. There are lots of people making electric vehicles in America. But it is the only one with a top speed of 125 mph.

Though the $100,000 price tag is a bit steep, and Tesla will only be able to produce one or two cars a week (at least at first), 900 people have already reserved a Roadster. Included in that list are Dustin Hoffman, George Clooney, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. (Full Story at Yahoo)

If 100k is just a little much for your shrinking dollar, check out the Volt.