Egg Muffin Machine

Ever find yourself wanting that egg muffin in the morning, only to decide its not worth the trouble? No more friend.

"The entire left side of the unit is a standard two-slice toaster with 5.5x1.5-inch slots. The right side of the unit contains a round cooking chamber with removable steamer tray, egg poaching tray, warming tray (for meats), and lid with steam vent. The poaching tray holds one egg, which cooks in about 4 minutes, while the toasting is taking place. The steamer tray also can be used to hard-boil up to four eggs. The amazing thing about this appliance is how all the functions are perfectly timed so everything is ready at the same time. You select the darkness of the toasted bread and the machine does the rest. The control panel has four buttons: toast, egg/toast, egg, and cancel." (Full Pitch)