What Bill Doesn't Want You To Find Out

"The chocolate pudding family tree originated with custards, which can be baked, steamed or stirred together on the stove like custard sauce or crème anglaise. Without chocolate, custards date at least to the Middle Ages.

Custards usually rely on eggs to thicken a liquid, typically milk or cream. The idea of thickening custard with cornstarch came from Andrew Bird, an Englishman whose wife was allergic to eggs. In 1837 he began marketing his cornstarch-based Bird’s Custard Powder, still a staple in the United Kingdom.

Puddings using cornstarch quickly took hold in the United States, and in 1918 My-T-Fine put out the first boxed pudding mix." (Full Story)

I'm not a chocolate fan but I think I could dig some of this stuff. So instead of using a box next time, give her version of pudding a try. They'll thank you for it.