I'll Need to See Some ID

via BBC:

Supermarkets have banned sales of eggs and tomato ketchup to young people in a bid to cut anti-social behaviour.

About a dozen residents in the Charles Close area of Caister-on-Sea, near Great Yarmouth, have reported tomato sauce being squirted at cars and homes.

Norfolk Police asked supermarkets in the town to challenge youths trying to buy sauces in squirty bottles or eggs.

Sgt Andy Brown said no more complaints had been received in the past two weeks since the agreement came into force. (Full Story)

Something just doesn't seem right about this. They have some incidents with ketchup and eggs so they ban the sale to minors. What's next, toilet paper? How about condiments from fast food joints? What's to stop the minors from switching to, let's say, BBQ sauce?

Not to mention I have a fundamental problem with the government taking away the rights of everyone because of the actions of a few goobers. At least this didn't happen here. . . yet.