Pizza, Pizza

IT’S a tough time to be in the restaurant business unless, of course, the food on your menu is really cheap.

You might think that pizza would fall into that category. But, as it turns out, the nation’s largest pizza chains are being hammered by sluggish sales and runaway ingredient costs. It’s a bad time to be in a business where two of the main ingredients are cheese and dough. Dairy and wheat prices have skyrocketed in the last year. . .

Flour prices are up 93 percent from February 2007 to February this year, and cheese jumped 25 percent, federal statistics show. (Full Story)

Again with the food prices. Pizza is a bit more expensive than a fast food joint if you're looking for a quick meal for lunch (as was pointed out in the article). But I'm not too worried about the pizza joints. I have a feeling they will be alright.

[Photo of pizza vending machine via ifood]