Doogie's Your Daddy

so we were watching Hulu last night (think free TV streaming over the net that's legal) and ran into something unexpected. While browsing for something to watch I saw "Doogie Howser M.D." I thought, "Hey I haven't seen that in forever. I used to love that show as a kid." So i proceeded to stream, despite the protests coming from my wife. About half way through we got floored. Rather than give my take, I'm just going to quote what someone else on Amazon.com said:

"The only really weird episode from this season was "The ice queen cometh" After asking her young colleague [Doogie] out to dinner, the new chief of the hospital radiology department wants him to be her sperm donor. Since Doogie is only physically/emotionally 16 during this same episode, this other doctor is obviously not aware of statutory rape laws. These statues do not make exemptions for child prodigies. As book smart as he is, Doogie only has the sexual/hormonal maturity of the average teenager."

Well, I have to be honest. We stopped it at the point where she began propositioning. It was just a little too creepy watching a 40 year old women ask a kid to be her child's father. (The title of the episode didn't pass our attention either).

You're welcome to torture yourself though: Season 1 Episode 2

[Picture via axelmusic]